1. How does 4amShop work?

4amShop is an innovative mechanism that helps bring in a professional touch to such simple but essential services as delivery of milk, newspapers, mineral water, fruits, vegetables and groceries on demand. You just have to call us and we can organise all your requirements of such needs at a predetermined time as per your convenience. Just as our name suggests, we ensure that the most important services such as milk and newspapers are right at your doorstep much before you awake in the morning.

2. How different is 4amShop service in comparison to our regular milk and newspaper delivery?

While the age old tradition does go by practice, no one who has been delivering these services has ever been able to ensure foolproof or unfailing delivery. Very often we wake up with disappointment writ large when we find these products missing or delayed. With 4amShop however, such a possibility is quite remote as we have a system of periodical cross checking with the customer about the regularity and quality of our service in addition to continuous personal supervision of our personnel.

3. What are the different services that can be expected from you?

Presently we are covering such products as Milk, Newspapers and Mineral Water on a daily basis. For commodities such as vegetables, fruits, rice and other groceries the services will be provided on demand. We also help in taking away your used bottles, newspapers plastics etc. to be recycled.

4. How do we know that your products are of standard quality?

We source important commodities such as Milk and Water only from reputed brands such as milk from Heritage and Jersey, and water from Kinley, Aquafina or Bisleri etc. This ensures that the products do have their brand standards and quality.

5. How is the payment done for your services?

We have a system where you can pay online for regular services such as delivery of milk, newspapers and water. You can however pay directly to our agent against a raised bill. For customised requirements such as fresh vegetables, fruits and dry groceries the billing is as per record payable on delivery.