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4amShop was created by a small team of well educated, creative and enthusiastic youth who after witnessing the vexation of several hundreds of victimised families, visualised an immense opportunity in the system. The idea took form through Mr. Shoban Babu, an alumnus of IISc Bangalore, who foresees great opportunity in replacing an ancient and unreliable system with a more modern and professional setup, and has brought into shape by our team, who are graduated from leading institute of india like IIM, IISc, HCU and working across the country in leading software MNCs like Oracle, IBM, Cisco. 4amShop is the flag ship company of BSBABU DELIVERY SERVICES PVT LTD.


Yashaswy Rao, Co-Founder & COO

Malathi Bhukya, Co-Founder & CFO

Rakesh, Advisor

Suresh, Advisor


What we do

4amShop is one such unique and highly innovative solution through which you are assured of 100 % timely delivery of daily essentials such as milk, newspapers, mineral water, vegetables, fruits and other important groceries and commodities.

We endeavour to offer a wide range of essential services on a standard or a customised scale based on our customer requirements. Operating mainly across group residential blocks such as gated communities, apartment complexes,...moreand colonies, we have already received several accolades from a number of folks who have experienced the excellence in our services. Our chief focus is on the quality of the product and its timely delivery with a touch of class.

We also do our bit towards ecological sustainability by encouraging usage of recyclable products and organic foods wherever possible.

Why us

Why 4amshop

4amShop – The Differential Element – It is our enterprise to be different from convention and demonstrate the true meaning of class in such a service that has been often looked down upon as something quite menial and not really worthy of expectation. We are bound to change this forever.

  • High Quality Products
  • User friendly Products and Services
  • Eco Friendly products
  • Single Vendor – No more hassles of multiple vendors
  • On Dot Service
  • Secure Service
  • Best Service Quality
  • Well Trained Staff
  • Uniformed Employees
  • Attitude Trained Workers
  • Etiquette Trained Staff
  • Option of Online Billing
Founder’s Message

Founder’s Message

Often looked down upon as a rather menial service, the ancient system of home delivery of milk and newspapers is certain to change with our unique and innovative concept. It is our endeavour to ensure that these two essential services, howsoever miniscule they may appear, bring forth sufficient value and professionalism unlike the ...more age old tradition. The idea of good grooming, pleasant attitude and good mannerisms with which these services are delivered is perhaps something one has never seen or felt.

Also one of the chief aspects of our enterprise is to minimise disturbance to our customers for bill collection through a unified billing procedure where you pay only once for all the services you take from us. We sincerely hope and believe you will appreciate our novel and enterprising approach and encourage us with your kind support.